Friday, May 10, 2013

The Jig Is Up, Girl Scouts...

The jig is up, Girl Scouts.

I may be dating myself, but the Girl Scouts introduced Samoas when I was about eight or nine years old. The year I sold cookies was the first time they were offered, and as soon as I ate one, I knew they were winners. Chocolate and caramel and coconut all rolled into one. And if you microwaved them, your face might just melt off from all the gooey goodness.

The problem with the Girl Scouts, however, is their business model. They offer these treats once a year and you have to find a little girl in a polyester uniform in order to stock up. (It is notable no one has ever tried to copy their distribution model.)

Thanks to the Keebler elves, though, we don't need little girls in beanies anymore. The Keebler Elves came up with Coconut Dreams, and they might just put the Brownies out of business. These are also three dollars a package at the Fairway in Murray Hill. (They've technically been around since 2011, but I never saw them in New York City until last week. You win this round, suburbs...)

Let me be clear: these Coconut Dreams are Samoas. They look, feel and taste exactly like them. It's almost as if the Girl Scouts lost their patent on Samoas and these are a generic -- but identical-- version.

Courtesy of the Keebler Elves, not the Girl Scouts.

You can buy a four-pack here. And yes, you will want a four-pack. These are $3 Samoas that you can get anytime you want! You're welcome.