Saturday, May 18, 2013

Punk At The Met: Well Worth A Visit

Punk: From Chaos To Coutre

Erin C. and I checked out the punk exhibit at the Met today, and it is well worth a visit. It's a lot of clothing from designers' collections that had a punk influence, but it's very well put together. There are a few iconic dresses in there, such as the safety pin dress Elizabeth Hurley wore to a movie premiere in 1994.

It's a great place to go if you are in a bad mood and/or feeling salty. It's very dark and the first three rooms have lots of animations and footage of angry punks. You'll be in good company. The guards constantly tell visitors not to take photos, but I took a few anyhow. Because it would be totally punk to get kicked out of the punk exhibit. Anarchy!

One room is totally pink, so great for photos.
Erin et moi

Like an old negative
Give me pouty
Like an old negative Untitled

These shoes are, surprisingly, made by Burberry.

This is the re-make of the bathroom at CBGBs. As someone who has been in Manhattan long enough to have used the original bathrooms, I can say with some authority this is a totally sanitized version. For starters, there is toilet paper. The bathrooms in CBGBs never had toilet paper.
Remake of the bathroom at CBGBs

A few favorite dresses:
Shredded Chanel suit
A Vivienne Westwood frock
Punk Chanel suit Untitled

FYI, I took this photo of Erin outside CBGBs in 2006. We are such bad asses.
Erin is Such a Badass