Friday, April 12, 2013

While We're On The Subject Of Advertising....

There have been two great pieces this week about the role of sponsored content in journalism, and how it isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's definitely a thing, since just a few weeks ago even I got a call about a role at a large media company for a position in the custom content space. It's an emerging field, for sure.

I like the way Vice and other companies approach sponsored content, likening it to the original soap operas. An advertiser paying for content doesn't necessarily have to skew the final product, a la the dirty, old-school world of advertorial. If a writer or producer is smart, they can make it work. Because, seriously, how else do some of these media mammoths plan to stop their ships from sinking?

Check it:

From the New Yorker
The Bad Boy Brand

From the New York Observer
Journalists Take Refuge in the World of Branded Content