Saturday, March 16, 2013

We Are Ready For This Half Marathon!

With Jen!

This year I am running the New York City Half Marathon with my friend Jen. Jen and I went to Syracuse together, sure, but we actually met before the school year started when we both went up six months before the semester started to try out to be cheerleaders. Turns out we were both way to tall/large to be included on the Lilliputan squad.

After the tryout, I figured that would be the last I would see of Jen, since Syracuse is a big school and there were about 2,000 freshmen that year. She was also admitted into the esteemed Newhouse School, and I was an education major. (My dirty secret is that I transferred into Newhouse sophomore year.) Then, during Opening Weekend, I brought some bags to the trash room and I saw some collapsed boxes that had a Maple Grove, Minnesota address on them.

I thought, "That girl Jen, from cheer tryouts was from Minnesota. Hmmm." I walked over to room 301 in Day Hall, just a few doors down from my room, 309 and checked it out. It was the same Jen. We've been friends ever since.

We went to SoHo today, first for lunch at The Dutch. I love that place. The other woman you see is Kristin, who played hoops for Syracuse when we were there. The best part is that Jen picked the place without knowing that it was cool or that I liked it. All my friends have such great taste. And yes, it was snowing. Grrr.

The more I go to The Dutch the more I am obsessed.Untitled

Snowy SoHo
Snowy SoHo