Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paper or iPad?

Over the weekend I had to give my contact info to a 20-something woman I met at an event. I opened my purse and pulled out a pen and paper. She pulled out her phone and starting asking me for my phone number. This is the difference a decade makes. I would never store a new person's info in my phone. What if I lost the phone, and then everything was gone?

I've always been a hardcore paper person. I make lists every day and I love finding old lists in pockets, purses etc. Paper is permanent, tactile. I don't like staring at my phone all day long as it is and I try to limit it as much as possible. Call me crazy, but I like to be in the moment.

People can have their iPads and their digital device short cuts, but as this video shows, paper will always have a place.