Friday, March 29, 2013

Happily Ever After, On Display

Always the wedding nerd, I stopped by the New York Magazine wedding show yesterday in Chelsea -- and it was amazing. The Metropolitan Pavilion is one of my favorite venues for events in Manhattan. The New York magazine people really did it up with live music, amazing vendors and an open bar.

I went to talk with vendors about Wedding Nugget, and a lot of people seemed very excited. Next week there will be much follow up.

There were gorgeous dresses everywhere.

These women were real troopers, just standing around all evening like Greek goddesses. Nice work, if you can get it?

As much as I love dresses, I also love a great tablescape. The women who run Another Wild Hare had a great one. Maybe the only ones there embracing a rustic theme?

Totally bribed Andre with French fries afterwards, since I had to drag him with me. He was a good assistant. I'm rolling solo at the next show, though.
Bribed the boy with french fries after the show.