Monday, March 11, 2013

A Non-Profit You Should Know: Project Cicero

Source: via J on Pinterest

Yesterday I volunteered with the New York Junior League at Project Cicero. Initially I wasn't familiar with the organization, but I was told we would be bundling books for donations.

Project Cicero turns out to be an amazing organization, and one that directly serves kids in the New York City school system. Since libraries and classrooms always need books, Project Cicero collects literally hundreds of thousands of books for school aged children and then designates two days for teachers to come in and take as many as they would like.

Yesterday morning at the Hotel Pennsylvania I watched as teachers came in with suitcases -- sometimes two! -- and stocked up on new and gently used books. Each teacher had an hour take whatever they wanted. There was a short break, the tables were restocked with more books, and another wave of teachers came in. This morning I'm sure lots of New York City children are enjoying a fresh batch of new books thanks to Project Cicero. It was wonderfully inspiring to see these teachers up so early on a Sunday to get the supplies that their students and school needed.

There likely won't be another teacher day for another year, but you can support Project Cicereo (and you should!) by purchasing items off of their wish list or making a donation.