Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vintage Valentines

I write about weddings so I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I find things that a more casual user wouldn't. Case in point, the trove of vintage Valentines. These have existed for eons and you can still purchase many of the designs, but I'm fascinated by the idea that there are people all over the country who take the time to scan them in and upload them to Pinterest. That's dedication to the cause.

I think part of the reason that a lot of people don't like Valentine's Day is that the choices in cards and other paraphernalia are pretty limited. Duane Reade and CVS all have the same crap, and if you can't afford jewelry for your beloved, well, then why bother? Maybe if there were more goofy cards readily available, maybe people would have more of a sense of humor about the holiday.

I'm a big fan of Valentine's Day. (I'm a softie, what can I say?) Today's digital art project is a collection of my 20 favorite vintage Valentine's Day cards. You can also check out my ever-growing trove of them here. Steal one for your honey bunny.