Monday, January 07, 2013

Where Are You Now?

I'm on a huge Janet Jackson kick lately and, naturally, thanks to Spotify I can revisit all my early 90s favorites without tracking down down my storage bins full of CDs.

Ms. Jackson obviously has tons of hits, but my favorite song of hers is one from 1993 that never got a lot of fanfare. It was on her album Janet and it's called "Where Are You Now." I remember I heard the song over the speakers in a record store on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, and I couldn't walk out of the store without it. I don't know when else that has ever happened, and I used to work in a record store for several years. So I know from great albums.

In college it was playing in the background of my room and my roommate, Cara, also become obsessed. I'm not sure if it's the melody, the bass line or -- dare I say? -- the lyrics that make this song amazing. Maybe Cara and I just suckers for sap.

Fine. Let's have some Rhythm Nation, too.