Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Process

The past two days have been taken up by prepping for a hair make over segment for the Dr. Oz show. Here are a few photos I took of the experience. (Full set here.) I'm not sure yet when it will air, but have heard as early as next week.

The haircut, by Rodney Cutler, while it was briefly still brown on Tuesday morning.

Short hair still brown

Under the heat lamps. This is where the magic happens.
Under the dryer: where the magic happens

Before it was the lovely shade of blonde that it is now, it was bleached to meth-head yellow. This process took almost two hours. (This may be the most unflattering photo ever taken of me.)
Step one: bleaching. Or how to look like a meth addict.

Final fluff

Wednesday afternoon, in the make up chair

The key to waves is to curl it all forward. Who knew?
The secret to waves is to curl it all forward. Who knew?

No photos in the hallway!
No photos in the hallway

Home at last.
Home at last.