Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick Day

Source: via Rhea on Pinterest

Yesterday afternoon I suddenly felt weak and sniffly and I realized I had been hit with the FrankenFlu that's been all over the news. I rarely get sick, so when I get my annual bout of flu I try to manage it as best as I can.

Since I almost always lived alone, and for quite a long time in a basement apartment, I developed ways to take care of myself when there wasn't going to be anyone around. (And alone is the best way to be ill.) The flu is mostly an annoyance, so the sooner you can get it under control the better.

1. Take a shower: Even if you're dizzy and woozy, this is key. Obviously you'll be cleaner, which means less physically germy. The steam will clear out your chest and sinuses a little. I'm always surprised by people who don't bathe when they're sick. It seems counterintuitive.

2. Wash your bedding: Do this as soon as possible since it's probably full of germs. You will also feel better if you're curled up in clean sheets.

3. Stay away from milk and bananas: They'll just create more congestion.

4. Find some really good television to watch: You probably won't have the attention span to read, so a season or two of Breaking Bad should get you through the day. The flu is one of those sicknesses that just needs a day or so of rest, so you might as well make it productive.

5. Push fluids: I like lemonade when I'm sick.

6. DayQuil. DayQuil. And More DayQuil: Especially when you have to face the world again. It'll dehydrate you, but that's better than being the drippy gal at the office.