Monday, January 28, 2013

Fashion Internsips Aren't That Bad

I had to take down the video of the fashion internships because it automatically started when someone landed on the page, which was annoying, not to mention a strange and slightly outdated feature for an embedded video.

You can watch it here.

True story: The summer after my junior year in college I interned at Elle magazine. I was there two days a week and I worked under an Associate Editor and a few other people. It was a great experience and had I not gotten the job at the Associated Press when I landed in New York City, I likely would have finagled a way to get back there.
Since The Devil Wears Prada came out, I have been fascinated by how fashion internships are portrayed. Maybe I was naive, but I never felt as if I was treated poorly. In fact, I inadvertently charmed the editor of Mirabella magazine, who was on the same floor as Elle, when I mentioned that I loved a smaller, teen magazine project that she did called Tell. (My magazine nerdiness is showing, I know.)

The point is that while the above video is funny, it's not really indicative of what these internships are like. After all, fashion mags and websites are trying to put out a product every day, so treating staff poorly is bad for productivity.