Saturday, December 01, 2012

Bridesmaid Q & A

Everything you need to know about bridesmaids

It's just not a wedding without bridesmaids, although the bride/bridesmaid relationship is a delicate one. Technically the bridesmaids should serve a functional purpose: they are thre to help the bride with whatever she needs, be it stuffing invitations or planning a shower. Mix making requests with the stress of planning a large event, and sometimes tone and intention get lost in the translation and drama ensues.

On Friday I put together a piece about common bridesmaids questions: who to ask, what they should do what you can't make them do, like go tanning.

10 Common Bridesmaid Questions Answered: Who To Ask, What To Expect, More

It works well with another piece I wrote over the summer:

How To Get Your Bridesmaids Not To Hate You