Friday, October 05, 2012

Things That I Find: I Love You, I Know

Source: via Ryan on Pinterest

The thing about Pinterest is that it's turned me on to popular memes that I never knew existed. Case in point: the whole "I love you, I know" exchange between Princess Lea and Han Solo would seem to be just a few lines of dialogue to a Sci-Fi plebeian such as myself, but in the world of Star Wars, it's as ubiquitous as, "I am your father."

I started Googling and realized that "I Love You, I Know" has invaded the world of crafting as well. I found page after page on Etsy of everything from cufflinks to jewelry to place settings. Check out the slideshow below of just 10 items you can buy for the Millennium Falcon nerd in your life.

This is the scene in Empire Strikes Back that sparked it all: