Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ferris Wheels As Wedding Reception Trend

I see a lot of wedding photos over the course of a day. One trend that keeps popping up is having a ferris wheel and other carnival rides at your wedding. This brings up a few questions:

1. Where are people getting married that they have access to a field that can accommodate carnival rides?

2. Does it distract from dancing, and everything else going on, reception wise?

3. This totally solves the problem of what to do with kids at a wedding.

4. What on earth does a ferris wheel even cost to rent? Does it come to a cross-eyed carny to operate it? Do you have to tip them at the end of the night as well?

5. Will the smooching on top of the ferris wheel photo become as cliche as the backlit portrait of a wedding dress?

I'm facsinated by this trend. I found six examples on mainstream wedding blogs and made them into the slideshow below.