Monday, October 29, 2012

Empty Grand Central

Manhattan is pretty much a ghost town now, since the subways are down, New Jersey transit is closed the bridges and tunnels are on the brink of closure as well.

There are a lot of bored and restless New Yorkers today, waiting for something to happen. Anyone who was here for Irene won't be terribly jazzed if this all turns out to be nothing more than a giant rainstorm. Sure, we're prepared, but no one likes the weatherman who cries wolf. And there's been a lot of that when it comes to hurricanes and New York City.

I love photos of empty New York City. I found these on Gothamist, who always manages to find great photo collections.

View from the 21st floor at about 8:00 a.m. We'll see if this changes at all.

P.S. There was a lot of internet buzz yesterday about grocery stores in Manhattan being total madhouses with people stocking up on artinsanal cheeses and multi grain bread. At the risk of sounding smug, I don't understand why anyone would wait until 3:00 in the afternoon to stock up on hurricane items.

I happened to be up early on Sunday and went to D'Agostinos as soon as it opened. It was certainly busy at 8:30 in the morning, but there was plenty of water, cilantro hummus and fresh fruit to go around. My point: Early bird always gets the worm, or in New York City, the last case of Evian.