Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Worth Reading: Amy Sohn's 'Motherland'

Gillian Flynn may be getting all the mainstream attention for her book Gone Girl, (which I still haven't read), but Amy Sohn should be getting equal accolades for Motherland.

Motherland is the sequel to Prospect Park West, which I read with utter verve back in 2009. Both books follow a handful of Park Slope parents out in Brooklyn, which should be a snooze, but Sohn created some intriguing characters and very raw situations. (Read: there's a lot of sex.) Her perspective on New York City is fresh, and unlike a lot of fiction surrounding mothers in New York, there is nary a hedge funder in sight. I'm a big fan of anyone who takes fiction aimed at women to a new level, and anything Sohn writes is well worth the time.