Friday, September 21, 2012

Mary Pickford Rears Her Head Again


A few days ago I posted a short video bout Mary Pickford, since I've been on a bit of a Flapper kick lately.

I was in Times Square this morning, which as we all know is one of the most overdeveloped part of Manhattan. I looked up and noticed an old building with statues built into the facade. The details struck me as odd. Why had I never noticed this building before? 1920s era buildings are the sort of thing that pops up on my radar.

I pulled out my camera and started taking photos. Even though I've been in New York City since 1999 I never knew that this building existed, mostly because it's been covered by a TGI Friday's for years, and I have no business ever going into a TGI Friday's.

TGI Friday's moved out (Praise Allah!) and Express is moving in. The building, according to the internet, is the old I. Miller Shoe Building. It was built in the 1920s and the limestone facade features statues of Ethel Barrymore, Marilyn Miller, Mary Pickford and Rosa Ponselle.


Here is a link to what the building looked like when it was first built. It hasn't been cleaned in decades, which makes a lot of people wonder if Express will take advantage of the limestone underneath and bring it back to is splendor. There's a whole history of the building here.

What is the universe trying to tell me when a silent screen vixen pops into my consciousness twice in once week?