Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Everyone Seems To Be Back In The New York Groove

It seems that everyone is washing up on shore in Manhattan again. I was in the Carnegie Hill area this afternoon and saw a few schools were having their opening day. Andre starts school tomorrow, like most places. (Note to self: stay out of the East 90s around 3:00 p.m., unless I want to get caught in random acts of stroller traffic.)

I appreciate routine. I like knowing that if I call someone on a Tuesday, they will be there and not on some far-flung vacation. I like knowing that Monday nights are for teaching my writing class and Wednesdays are for Junior League meetings. I like my Tuesday night cardio class.

New York is a wonderful place, but I think it really hits its stride in the fall. Summers are brutal and winters turn Midtown into a wind tunnel. At Christmas, the tourists invade. But we New Yorkers have autumn all to ourselves.