Sunday, August 19, 2012

When Cucumbers Are In Season, How On Earth Do You Eat Anything Else?

Some people are into sweets. Me, I can't get enough of cucumbers. This time of year I can get them two for a dollar from the sidewalk fruit guys. That's a deal.

I think the mistake that most people make with cucumbers is that they use them as an accoutrement in the meal, as opposed to centering the whole meal around cucumbers. For example, they make cucumber part of the salad, and not the base of the salad itself. (Who needs leaves? They get stuck in your teeth, anyhow.)

If I have a philosophy about cooking, it's that I like to be able to just cut things up and throw them into a bowl and see how they work out. This is why I like couscous. There are a lot of great combinations that come from just cutting and tossing.

These days I typically cut up a whole cucumber, toss in half a chopped apple as well as some yellow raisins. The secret ingredient, always, is peanuts. They add texture and just the right amount of salt. After exercising I like to cut up a whole cucumber and toss in cantaloupe or watermelon. With a side of hard boiled egg whites, it's quite filling.