Friday, August 03, 2012

This Is What One Wears To Preschool Orientation In New York City

Pre school orientation outfit

Myths and legends abound when it comes to preschools in New York City. In some parts of town -- I'm looking at you, Upper East Side -- the process is akin to a blood sport. There are stories of frantic phone calls made the day after Labor Day weekend in order to score a limited amount of applications. Whispers that you can't even get into some schools without a sibling already enrolled. Some reportedly cost $20,000 a year, and that's if you're a Seinfeld.

When you live anywhere else in Manhattan, say, Murray Hill, there is no such thing as a Top Tier Preschool. (And anyone who buys into the idea of a Top Tier Preschool needs their head examined.)

Everywhere else in New York City, the preschool process is a relatively civilized ordeal of appointments, tours and eventually a pleasant phone call welcoming you into the fold. The more schools you see the more you realize where your kid would do well and where he would be downright frightened. Even if you are lazy and wait unti August to find a preschool, you can and you will get into one. This is New York City, after all. People defect to the suburbs at the last minute all the time. A deal on a house with a yard comes through and all of a sudden you have a spot.

I went to Andre's preschool orientation and left pleased with the decision. His class is quite small and the student body is diverse, which for me is a major bonus. As of September 5th the boy is going to school full time. In New York City. No blood was shed in the process.