Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer Streets: The Best Idea NYC Has Ever Had

Fifth Annual "Summer Streets" New York City
I just ran the entire course of Summer Streets, all 4.5 miles of it -- back and forth. So I guess I just ran nine miles. I ran from East 72nd Street to the Brooklyn Bridge and back. Even though it's Manhattan, there are a lot more hills than you would expect.

I mention this because out of all the projects that aim to reduce cars in Manhattan, Summer Streets is the best. It promotes exercise and biking and getting out of the house. And today, perhaps because of the early rain, there weren't as many crazy, wanna be Lance Armstrong bicyclists. I've never understood why the weekend warriors like to speed race at Summer Streets, or even in Central Park. Neither location condones or encourages speed.

Summer Streets started three years ago, when Andre was a newborn. TR and I would put him in his stroller and we would walk the route. He would sleep the whole time.