Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Songs To Get Your Wedding Guests Dancing

I am nothing but a music nerd. Not only do I have almost encyclopedic knowledge about music, especially of the pop and show tune variety, but I can read it and perform it as well.

The performing part is definitely a skill I take for granted, since I've realized as of late that many people didn't learn to read music in elementary school and couldn't carry a tune in a paper bag. People who understand the mechanics of music (rhythm, dynamics, key signatures, etc.) have a vastly different relationship with it than people who don't. I can't, for instance, write and listen to music at the same time. It's distracting. I get excited when I hear a triplet in a song. (They're tricky to play and sing.)

That said, writing about music brings out this nerdiness. Today's piece for SheFinds is about songs guaranteed to get wedding guests dancing. I was overwhelmed by how easy it was to write this piece.

15 Songs Guaranteed To Get People Dancing

If you've never seen this CBS Sunday Morning segment about Alan Menken, the guy who wrote all the 90s-era Disney movie music, including "Under The Sea" and "Beauty And The Beast," you must. He won eight Oscar for them, more Oscars than anyone else. Not bad for a guy who was supposed to become a dentist.