Thursday, July 05, 2012

My Couscous Brings All The Boys To The Yard


Couscous came back onto my radar because everyone lately has been raving about quinoa. Quinoa, while great, is terribly overpriced in Manhattan, and I won't pay ten dollars for a bag of grains that Peruvian farmers use to feed their chickens.

Right next to the quinoa on the grocery shelf is couscous, which you can get for much less money.

I'm not into cooking, and yet I don't like processed foods either. Couscous becomes a perfect food since, once prepared -- which take less than ten minutes -- it can be eaten hot or cold. You can toss whatever you want into it and it will always always taste good. If you can make boxed mac and cheese, you can make couscous in the same amount of time.

The bowl above has peanuts, cranberries, pears and lemon juice in it. It was cooked in olive oil. Make yourself some and count all the money you're saving by not buying quinoa.

This is brand that I get for $1.99 at the Gristede's on 29th Street and Second Avenue. The price varies widely among grocery stores, which is why I'll make the trip for some. Also, right outside Gristede's is a great fruit and veggie cart where I can get fresh ingredients to put into my creation. Red peppers and scallions are solid choices.