Sunday, July 15, 2012

Couscous As Chicken Quesadilla


I love chicken quesadillas. The Caliente Cab on East 33rd Street should be my branch office. The problem is that quesadillas are fried, and no one ever kept their girlish figure by eating fried food.

Ever the food pioneer, today I took all the ingredients for a quesadilla and mixed them into my favorite medium, couscous. Just chicken, red peppers, chick peas and scallions. (I wanted cilantro, but it was oddly overpriced at Gristede's.) Then I sprinkled on some lemon juice and shredded cheese and voila! a seriously filling dinner. You can eat it hot or cold. I suppose you could make this with quinoa as well, if you insist on eating that overpriced chicken feed.

By the way, this is not cooking. This is boiling couscous, opening a can of beans and chopping some vegetables. Anyone can do this and it will feed you for at least two meals.