Sunday, May 13, 2012

A 10K On A Beautiful Day

At the start

Finished a 10K yesterday in 59:56. The time is okay, but it was a such a gorgeous day that I can live with being about 30 seconds slower than the last 10K I did. Maybe I don't need to stop for water. This is the last race I'll be doing for a while, since most of the May and June races are filled up. I've done six since February, and two of those were half marathons. In terms of physical fitness, I'd day that's pretty respectable.

I don't usually stay for the awards, but there was a raffle with tons of prizes. I didn't win anything, although I was gunning for two free plane tickets to Abu Dhabi.

There were lots of pro runners at the 10K, but the most inspiring was the second place winner, Leonard Korir, from Kenya. He finished just two seconds shy of the first placer, who was an Olympian, and, at age 25, it was his first professional race ever. He couldn't dally on the stage, though, because at 11:00 a.m. he had to get to the Javits Center in order to graduate from Iona College. Talk about the best day ever: winning $12,000 in your first professional race, nearly beating an Olympian for the top slot and earning a college degree. leonard