Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Very Polish Christening!

Everyone hustled up to Utica, N.Y. last weekend for Andre's christening at the Polish church where pretty much everyone in TR's family was either married, baptized or buried.

Andre was a little crabby all weekend, which is out of character for him. Methinks it's because someone didn't burp him after feeding him in the car up. No burping = the joy of colic!

How many grandmothers does it take to dress and infant?

Andre et La Madre. She left a few strands of pearls at home.

The hat made Andre look like Dom Deluise.
He looks like Dom Delouise with the hat on

Andrew, Pere et moi. Pere flew in from California!

And Sadie! This is Andre's great-grandmother who cooked an amazing kielbasa dinner for about 12 people and let us all crash at her house. Thanks!