Sunday, May 03, 2009

Push Presents, La Pauline Style

Long before The New York Times thought it was a trend, and the hipsterati, in turn, thought it was bizarre and bourgeois, I thought that Push Presents were the norm. My dad got pretty rings for my mom each time she had a kid, and growing up I though that it was a nice gesture. Don't all men get jewels for their wives for major milestones and holidays?

The way I see it, if I'm going through the pain and trouble of having a baby, it would be nice if there was a trinket or two waiting for me at the end of it all. Most women make the mistake, though, of asking for expensive diamonds and the like. Keep your diamonds for your cotillions and your weddings. Push Presents should be simple and practical, which, incidentally, is the Tao of Pauline: Keep it simple and practical and you'll never disappointed.

On my wish list is:
Baccarat's Psydelic Earrings. I have the matching necklace, which I wear almost daily and get tons of compliments on. I struggle though, to find matching earrings. These would be wonderful.

While we're on the Baccarat kick, I love this Tourmaline necklace. It's simple, but it still has a twist of modernity that keeps it interesting. It's also a large necklace, and I like large accessories.

I could def shove some diapers and bottles in this. Louis Vuitton bags are worth every penny because they're tough as nails and you can run them into the ground. If and when they do break or fray, LV fixes them for you, often for a very low price..

Motherhood is rough. This 1982 Bordeaux would be a nice salve.