Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Christine's Bridal Shower!


Ms. Christine, a friend from middle school, is getting hitched in July. To fete the occasion we got together and showered her with tasteful, but sexy, lingerie and flip flops.

Full set is here.

Carey et moi, the city girls who washed up on shore via the train, as we often do.
Carey and I. The City Gals came in on the train.

I was kind of jealous of all her lacy and satin goodies.
Carey's gift. Awesome.

Something blue?

Where's the back of these?

A snorkel set! It goes with everything.
Snorkel set!

If it's not monogrammed, then what's the point?
If it's not monogrammed, it's nothing.

50 romantic and sensual games! In such a small box! Who knew?
50 romantic & sensual games! Who knew?

Jen worked very hard on this.
Jen worked very hard on this

It was much appreciated.

Christine et Cate

Christine et moi
Christine et moi