Sunday, April 12, 2009

Meet Romeo. He's 20 Years Old

Romeo Is 20 Years Old, originally uploaded by La Pauline.

Yesterday after picking up some keys to show a place to some clients, I walked by a pet shop on Christopher Street and noticed this guy through the window. He's a orangey/buff Persian, like other cats I have had, and he was just relaxing on the front counter.

The shop owner told me that his name was Romeo and that he was 20 years old. He lived in the shop, has lots of gourmet food to choose from and likes it when customers stop in to give him a scritch. Don't be fooled, under all the gorgeous fur is not a lot of actual cat. He is literally just fur and bones.

Like any happy cat, Romeo has a friend who lives with him in the store. Zonked out on a shelf was a huge tabby, who when stretched out looked about two feet long, and could have been mistaken for a doorstop. The tabby's name was...Valentino.

An orange Persian and a domestic short hair who live together in harmony? I know that combination well.