Friday, April 17, 2009

La Pauline: Now A Font!

I'm a Font!

I have never looked at font with lust in my eye -- that's TR's department -- but last night I found a font called -- Pauline!

Narcissism aside, you have to understand the significance of this. When one goes through life with a name like Pauline, you struggle to find anything mass produced with your name on it. Growing up, I never had Pauline pencils or barettes like the other girls. No one has ever written a song called Pauline, either. Sometimes when my dad came home from France he would has some little trinket, like a necklace or a ceramic box. Pauline is a big name in France. Stateside, it's up there with all the other old lady names, like Ernestine and Marge. Everyone thinks it's a nice middle name, since their grandmother was likely named Pauline. I say if you're going to give your kid a name like Pauline, it should be front and center, not hidden on an obscure line on a birth certificate. Own the Pauline!

But now, at least I have a font. And it looks exactly the way I think a Pauline font should look -- with just a hint of naivete!

Examples of the Pauline Font