Thursday, March 05, 2009

Buy Tom Zoellener's Book!

Tom Zoellner and I and His New Book, "Uranium"

There is a very real phenomenon called "Pregnancy Boredom," which usually kicks in around the fifth month. You've done all your tests and sonograms and now it's just time to...wait. For four months. Blergh.

It's definitely hit me and lately in addition to cheeseburgers and fruit smoothies, I've been craving serious intellectual stimulation. (No talk of baby products, please.) Luckily, my very good and old friend, Tom Zoellner, has a new book out about Uranium. I met Tom at a Blacktable party back in 2004, literally at the same time when I first met TR. TR and Tom were standing by a cooler talking, and I went over and started talking to them, mostly because no one else was talking to me. (Despite the awesome outfit I had on. Riddle me that.)

Tom is awesome because he's the guy who follows his passions -- mining, geology, Africa -- and has found a way to write about them for both fun and profit. He is man of science from the American west who will camp anywhere and has been been face to face with several breeds of African rebels. He also always comes to speak to my writing classes whenever I ask.

Tom's first book was about the diamond industry. Get it in paperback!

Tom will be talking about Uranium on March 12th on The Daily Show. Watch it!

He's also a great wedding date! Here were are as mere children, at my friend Laura's wedding in 2005.
Tom and I