Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Upper East Side Always Amuses Me

My building on East 79th Street is a family-oriented building, full of kids and dogs, and by default, mothers who lean a little on the lazy side. On Tuesday morning this exact conversation took place in the elevator from the 10th floor on down. Two UES mom, with kids and strollers in tow, were commiserating about how to get their kids to pre-school.

Mom #1: I'm hoping I can catch the bus this morning to David's school. I save so much money taking the bus instead of cabs.

Mom #2: If you can actually get a cab. Whenever I need to get down to 55th and Lex for Josh's school none of these cabs want to take me. They all want to go down to Wall Street. (This is actually untrue, as there are plenty of cabs on 79th and York, and they will take you where ever you would like to go.)

Mom #1: Sometimes I get so frustrated with the cabs that I just call a car service. It's expensive, but at least it's easy.

Mom #2: I hear ya. How on earth am I supposed to get on a bus with a kid and a stroller?

It's a tough question to answer, but she might be able to lighten her load a little if she took off the three-carat rock on her hand. But that's just me.