Monday, February 16, 2009

A Romantical Valentine's Day!

Two attractive people

Last year TR accidentally/on purpose invited me to a gallery opening in Midtown on Valentine's Day. We got mixed up with the address and instead of seeing art, we ended up at Pop Burger on 58th and Fifth. And I don't mean the fancy lounge in the basement, I mean the take out joint at street level. We ended up having a lot of fun so this year for Valentine's we decided to go there again, only this time we brought a fetus!

Afterward we went over to the Ziegfeld theater and watched Coraline in 3D. It's the creepiest children's movie ever but it's awesome. Don't miss it on the big screen, since the 3D totally makes the film.

This meal screams romance! I should note that Pop Burger's shakes are made with real strawberries.
This meal screams romance!

TR even wore a tie! To Pop Burger!

Who's this pale, Baccarat-clad gal?