Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Just Another Monday Night In Harlem...

..teaching kids a routine from "Grease." For the past year Monday nights have been spent uptown with my Junior League committee, Spotlight on Performance. We teach middle-school kids arts-related activities. This term we have a gal in our group who has been a touring performer and on Broadway, and for the next month the kids, who are mostly 10-year-old boys, are learning the dance and music to "We Go Together."

It's amazing to see this group of kids, who know the lyrics to every Biggie Smalls rap and who have to be told during dinner to put away their little video games, get so into doing the hand jive and learning a routine. An hour before we get them they're up in a kung fu class and they like to have pizza eating contests during dinner. But put on a show tune and they'll jazz hand with the best of them.

There are plenty of opportunities in New York to do some charity work, and in this economy funding is incredibly needed. I, personally, prefer to get hands on, and the year I've spent with my committee and certainly been a great time. Sure, other committees are less of a time commitment and wouldn't involve me leaving the Upper East Side, but then I wouldn't have photos like these.

Spotlight on Performance