Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Nice New Year's Quote -- We're All Winners!

My OB/GYN has an odd habit of handing me copies of Conceive: Celebrating the Creation of Families whenever I go in for a check up. The magazine is mainly aimed at couples who are having issues conceiving, and there are articles inside about things like egg donation, surrogacy and ads for fertility clinics. (Conception doesn't seem to be my issue, Doc. I got that one down pat.)

The whole fertility industry has started to fascinate me, mainly because it's a curious overlap of science, big business and altruism. Fertility treatments are expensive, not covered by insurance and prey heavily on emotion, mainly women's. (I've heard brides say the same thing about the wedding industry and wedding gown shops.)

There was a nice quote inside the magazine about how we should all be happy in general, because we are, essentially, very lucky just to be around.

"I think we all need to be happy. We have all one the lottery. It is a scientific fact that it takes 250 sperm to fertilize an egg, and we were all the winning sperm." -- Dr. Neil Shulman.

Happy New Year! And quit all that moping.