Sunday, January 18, 2009

La Pauline: The Cheerleading Years

The beauty of Facebook is that everyone comes out of the woodwork and sooner or later they start posting Old Skool photos. A few days ago a few popped up and TR had the sense to take screen shots of them. They've since been taken off of Facebook, because there were actually people who were offended by 90s-era high school photographs of themselves being on the Internet. Lame. Lame. Triple lame.

Fun fact about me: In high school I was the co-captain of my cheerleading squad, and I was oddly dedicated to the job. But it was a lot of fun and it kept me off the street. The mean streets of Norwalk, CT. Ha.

The strange part about this photo is that it was taken during a pep rally in the fall of 1993. That said, why I am doing one move while my friend Paula is doing something totally different? It was a choreographed routine to Salt n' Pepa's "What A Man" followed up by a remix of Onyx's "Slam."

I really wish I still had that outfit.