Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's Tree-Trimming Season!

It's tree-trimming and party time. This afternoon I went to a sweet little party out in Cobble Hill to trim a tree. Yes, it was freezing outside. It was a strange trip there and back, as the trains were full of very smelly homeless people, trying to stay warm on the subways. Also, and perhaps this is a sign of the recession, a cellist played on the F train to Cobble Hill. Does a bad economy mean that we'll have more live classical music on the trains? If so, let the market crash!

Oh, and my contribution to the tree? A light up Santa, Frosty and penguin. Klassy!

TR et moi. TR was the tall guy at the party who put everything on top of the tree.
TR et Moi

Trying different settings on the camera, between gorging on hot chocolate and cheeseball.

My little light up Santa.
The light up Santa that I brought.