Friday, December 26, 2008

A Few Shots From Christmas

Christmas Eve was spent over in Old Greenwich for food, prezzies and a cute little church service over at Saint Savior's. Christmas Day took us to Nutley, New Jersey for an amazing dinner and more cookies than we knew what to do with. I just had ham and stuffing for breakfast. Life is good.

Best gift? TR got me a Persian cat calender. I can now look forward to 12 months of flat-faced furballs, many of them orange.

Also: TR's sister-in-law got me a copy of The Girlfriend's Guide To Pregnancy, which is probably one of the best pregnancy books I've come across. I'm not big into any of the books, because having a kid isn't all that complicated (people have been doing it for millions of years...) and anything you need to know these days is free and on the interweb. But, this book is awesome and tells you things you really want to know, like how bad labor is going to hurt and what to really bring with you to the hospital. Great. Pick.

My computer is still on the fritz, but I have a loaner for a while until I fix the screen on my other one. This one doesn't have a flash plug-in, which is driving me crazy because I can't watch videos. Yes, I have tried to install the plug-in, but to no avail. This laptop was, at one point, a corporate machine and I don't have admin rights to install anything, not even an instant messenger. Grrr. Moving on...

Christmas pics! I didn't take too many.

Everyone around the dinner table. We had the Best. Lamb. Ever. I would have gone for seconds, but there were petit fours to be devoured as well.

TR, this is your future
This is your future, Tom

TR and Seamus

Andrew and the mug that I made him. Homemade gifts are the best!

Frankie's 8-year-old life was made complete with her new iPod Nano.