Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's The Junior League Homecoming Party!

Friday night was the New York Junior League's Homecoming party. It was 80s themed, and my crew and I did it up right.

I searched high and low for this dress. I'm channeling Ivana Trump, circa 1986.

Sam et moi, lookin' sharp. Sam left shortly after this photo was taken, something about meeting up with a chick. True story.

Kim and I, pre-party with booze in teacups. Klassy!
Kim and I drink booze out of teacups. We're demure like that.

Spotlight On Performance committee members
Spotlight on Performance gals

Everyone in my lobby.
Everyone in the lobby!

This may very well be my Christmas card.

Best shot of the evening.

These guys took the 80s theme to the next level.

Katie always rocks my Casbah
Katie et moi

Louisa et moi.
Louisa et moi


Awesome turnout

Shiny, happy 80s

Kim fights off the paparazzi

This dress is awesome for so many reasons.

Magenta and gold heels -- FOR THE WIN!
Magenta leoard and gold heels -- for the win!

If this is vintage, then it's awesome.

Jane and I, end of the evening.

End of the night, still lookin' sharp.
End of the night -- still looking sharp