Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Agenda For The Next Few Days

Agenda Revellín Blog, originally uploaded by Revellín.

Wednesday: MOVING DAY!!
Get up early and bring suitcases up to 79th and York

Afternoon: Meet movers and La Madre at U-Haul in Chelsea to get bedroom furniture out of storage.

Evening: Show apartments to Jen in Midtown

Show Italian girl apartments.

Junior League party. I still need a dress. I vowed that I will not wait until two hours before the party to find a dress, as I do with most Junior League events.

Teaching a writing class in the afternoon, the first of two I'm doing this fall.

Today was a good day. Got up early, showed some places to a great gal name Katherine who ended up taking a huge alcove studio on 24th and Park. Initially the super, who is from Montenagro, yelled at me for coming to the building without calling first, but by the end of the visit Katherine was sold on the place (and the super, apparently) and it was all hugs and smiles as we left to go fill out paperwork.

Tonight: Steps aerobics and a little creative work. Tomorrow the real fun begins.