Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There Is A Difference Between The 914 and 917 Area Codes. Please Make A Note Of It

This morning through noon I was getting the strangest text messages from a 914 number. I know no one who lives in Westchester (I'm a Connecticut gal!) and clearly whoever was on the other end of this exchange needs to double check his numbers.

914: Good morning! I have reservations Saturday at Abbocatto. It would be great to see you. Will you be around?

Me: (realizing it's a 914 number): Is this meant for Pauline?

914: No! Not Pauline. It was for you. It is Doug Badstein.

Me (I do not know a Doug Badstein): Do I know you? I'm booked on Saturday.

914: Did you really forget who I am? It's Doug Badstein.

Me: You really have the wrong number. You've reached Pauline.

914: Sorry

It's a shame. I hear Abbocato has a good wine list.