Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Importance Of Orange Nail Polish

Always match your nails to your flair pens

Allow me to be introspective for a moment. This week on one of my lunchbreaks, I got my nails done at the Dashing Diva, as I often do. Most weeks I get some shade of red, or sometimes, if my nails have broken a little, a pale shade of pink. Every week I look at the selection of nail polishes and, in addition to all the normal shades, I notice the oddball colors on offer: metallic purples, greens, bright fushcias and yellow.

Every week I also see all the oranges. I always think I'll pick it, but then I think about a meeting I have or a party I have to go to, and I worry people might think I'm weird if my nails are painted orange. What would that say about me? What kind of a person paints their nails orange?

This week, I didn't want any more red or pink, and so I picked a shade of orange called "Thalia Tangerine." Not only does it look really cool, but it's not nearly as garish as I thought it would be. Better yet, I don't even think anyone's even noticed.

I have a point: In life, we all have an "orange nail polish." It's that thing that we really want to do, but don't know what people would think if we did it, or how it would turn out. The thing is, if you actually gave it a shot, how bad could it be? I don't mean to get all Oprah on you, but wouldn't you feel better knowing that you acted on an idea rather than letting it stew in your brain?

A few months I took an orange risk and ended up with this guy. Peppe was the best $75 I ever spent!
Crazy Eyes