Saturday, February 09, 2008

UPS Is The Devil

Like most people in media, I also went to that Radar party last night at Plumm, and was also a little underwhelmed by it. It was way too crowded and could have benefitted from an extra bartender.

I didn't stay long because I was distracted from events earlier in the evening. UPS lost an express envelope that had been sent to me, which had a large check in it. Yeah. It's gone. A fill-in driver tried to deliver it on February 6th, I wasn't home and it disappeared after that. If it's anywhere, it's somewhere in the Shipping Center on West Houston Street, which is basically the Ninth Level of Hell.

I spent two hours sitting in the pick up area at UPS yesterday hoping, in vain, that they might actually find the package. There was swearing and crying, but the envelope seems to be lost forever, all because a substitute driver was too lazy to try to leave it at my door. When he returned to the shipping center, it seems that he just tossed the letter into a pile, never bothering to scan it or change the address on it so it could be sent to my work, as I had requested.

The best part was when the night supervisor, I believe his name was Collin, tried to blame all this on me, as if I was the one who lost the letter. He actually questioned why I was so upset, considering that I could just get another check. (?!?!) They took no responsibility for their mistake and told me I was wasting my time by even waiting while the "looked" for it.

That said, my relationship with UPS is over. Clearly they can't be trusted with anything important, and after spending my Friday night in their offices I can assure you they are some of laziest people I have ever met. Because they lost my letter, I now have to get the check reissued as well as write several strongly worded letters to assorted UPS higher ups.

My advice: Go Fed Ex!! UPS is for suckers.