Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day! My most favorite holiday! In honor of this awesome day, I'm posting some musical schlok for your listening pleasure.

First, naturally, is Martina McBride's song, "Valentine." I couldn't find the real video on You Tube, so this homemade one will have to suffice. Seriously, who ever has time to make a video of someone else's song, complete with lyrics and ten different kinds of roses?

If early-90s cheese is more your flavor, then how about some Peabo Bryson with a side of Regina Bell? That's right, I'm serving up some "Whole New World," fresh from the Aladdin soundtrack.

Heartbroken this Valentine's Day? Don't worry, Poppa Peabo has a perfect song for those unlucky in love. (What can't this guy do?) I offer you, "Can You Stop The Rain." Now get yourself a tub of ice cream and fifth of vodka and throw yourself a pity party.