Friday, January 04, 2008

Am I The Only Person Who Doesn't Work In Finance?

Google Finance Charts, originally uploaded by Greg Bernhardt.

I went to a Columbia alumni breakfast this morning (yes, I actually got out of bed at 6:00 a.m.) and I noticed that not only were most of the people there men in suits, but almost everyone worked in finance. They also had vague job titles such as "management consultant" and "derivatives risk analyst." One guy actually used the work "algorithm." Before noon!

I don't know what any of that stuff is. How do people get into that sort of thing? I understand what financial analysts and accountants do, but all these other titles I don't know. I am actually quite curious.

If you are one of these financial people who wear Thomas Pink shirts and get a bonus every year (?!?!), I would like to hear from you. I want to learn more about what the number crunchers and deal makers of the world do.

A new resolution: To become more business and financially literate.

Also: Get out of bed early, more often. It's not so bad.