Saturday, December 01, 2007

Welcome to The Holly-Daze!

November 30th marked the start of my favorite time of year, the holiday party season. On Friday night my band of merry pranksters and I set off to two parties, where I pretty much saw every person in media that I know.

The full set can be found here.

First, some pre-game shots. I really need to clean out those bookcases.
I Really Need To Clean Out Those Bookcases

How much for the bodega cat?
How Much For The Cat?

At the package store, because you can't come to a party empty handed.
We Can't Come To The Party Empty Handed!

I don't even know.
I Don't Even Know

One for the road. I kind of look like a berry.
One For The Road

I waited for months to be able to wear these shoes.
I Waited Months To Wear Those Shoes

Hey look! It's Nichelle!
Nichelle et Moi

This photo cracks me up.
This Is A Funny Shot

Tom is so tall he doesn't fit in the frame.

Who brought the top hat?
Who Brought The Top Hat?

To hell with this party. She's going to sleep.
Enough With This Party