Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's The Olde Money Holiday Affaire!

...because it's better to have no money than to be new money.

Derrick and Kyler's annual Olde Money Holiday Affaire has become one of my favorite events of the year. Sadly, the two most fabulous guys I know are going west to a crazy place called Los Angeles, and so this was the last affaire in New York City.

The full set can be found here.

SantaCon stragglers in the subway en route to Cobble Hill

The Hosts With The Most

Rootbeer, their amazing Corgie. I'm gonna miss that guy.

Hey, come look at the tree.
Come Look At The Tree

Naturally, there was also a champagne tree.
Champagne Tree

Five fly honeys

...and we're pouty...
...And We're Pouty...

Best shot of the night:

The pearl necktie needs to come back into style.
Cool Outfit

Tiny Fey's doppelganger made an appearance.
Bend And Snap

A party of taste always ends with goody bags. Derrick's grandma knitted those hats for everyone!
Goody Bags!