Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas In New York

Most of my friends are in places right now such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Houston. One friend left today for Australia. I mentioned a few days ago that I'm headed out to Greenwich for Christmas day, but for all of next week I will be in New York City.

I spent most of my time this past year in lower Fairfield County, so I really welcome the time to hang out in New York. Sure, I'm here everyday, but everyday involves things like work and meetings and paying bills and looking for the next Big Thing. This next week will be a vacation of sorts, not just from work and friends, but from the grind.

I expect it to be a productive week, and not just because many of my friends/distractions are away. I wrote ten pages today, which for all of you who are writers know, that's a lot. I did five in the early afternoon at Think Cafe in he Village, and then another five when I came home after the gym and some food.

I have a few vague plans and resolutions for the week as well.

1. I will be nice to tourists, even though they ask silly questions, such as where the "green line" subway is andcan't tell east from west.

2. I plan to work out as much as I can, because the gym really is less crowded this time of year. Janunary will be another issue.

3. Writing everyday is di rigeur.

4. I might try to hit up a museum, to test my will against the aforementioned tourists.