Friday, November 16, 2007

It's A Norwalk Thing

Last night after stumbling out of The Junior League, my friend Carey and I went to look for a cab. She is also from my hometown of Norwalk, CT.

"Wait," I said. "I have to go to the Bank of America and get some cash. Lately I've hated paying ATM fees."

"I'm the same way," Carey said. "I think it's a Norwalk thing."

We both laughed at this, and I'm not sure why. Does this mean that people from The Whack are cheap, or do they just guard their money closely? Also, why is it that sometimes when I meet people now who are from other places, many never had jobs in high school, not even during the summer. (They went to camp, etc.)

Back in Norwalk, everyone I knew had jobs whether it was cleaning boats or waiting tables or working in pharmacy. No one that I knew went away to camp. I also don't remember anyone ever really sitting around being idle, unless there was a keg involved. (But even then we did keg stands.)

Chime in as needed.